5 Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving

1. Turn your cell phone off and put it in the glove box while driving.

Cell phones are a big distraction that can be avoided by turning your phone off and putting it away before you hit the road. We encourage you to join in on the #gloveboxchallenge and place your phone in the glove box to avoid being tempted to check it while behind the wheel.

2. If you must take a phone call, pull over before picking it up.

Sometimes we have to take calls while we are on the road. If you do, make sure to pull over to a safe location before taking the phone call.

3. Do not text and drive for any reason.

No text or tweet is worth your life. Reading a text takes your eyes off the road for a minimum of 5 seconds. If you’re driving at 55 mph, you will travel the distance of a football field in those 5 seconds. Keeping your eyes and your mind on the road is essential.

4. If you need to use GPS, enter the destination before you take off.

If you know you will need directions on your drive, make sure to enter the destination before you take off. If you get lost and need directions, pull over to a safe location before trying to enter your destination.

5. Focus on driving.

When you are behind the wheel, your focus should be on the road. Distractions that take your eyes and mind off of the road are not worth your life or anyone else’s. Multi-tasking while driving is a risk that no one should take.