Five Easy Tips To Save Money This Winter

Thermostat dial set on save
Five Easy Tips To Save Money This Winter

As we see our summer tans fading, the clocks turning back, and cold air in the weather forecast, we know one thing is inevitably true. Winter is coming and heating costs will be coming right along with that. Some people may love the first snow fall, bundling up by the fire, and turning up their heat but once that first utility bill comes in the mail, it’s time to think about how to save money. Most people can’t afford expensive home improvements to make their homes more energy efficient so. We put together a do it yourself (or do it on a budget) list of how you can keep your home warm while saving money on your bill.

Cover Your Windows with Plastic

Not all windows are used in the winter so be sure to cover them with plastic! You can also use plastic on doors that aren’t used during the winter months. Most window kits are about $10 per window. These window seals can help eliminate drafts and keep in the heat! According to Energy Star, plastic over your windows can help cut your heating bill by 20 percent.

Use Space Heaters Carefully 

If you do use a space heater, make sure to only turn it on while you’re in the same room as it. This will help take the chill out of the air and make the room more comfortable without you having to turn up your thermostat.

Purchase a Humidifier 

A humidifier can be a great tool for cutting energy costs during the winter. Many furnaces fill our houses with very dry air, which means it’s not as good at holding heat and doesn’t feel as warm. With the humidifier adding some moisture to the air, it will help the air feel warmer and hold the heat more effectively. Another positive is that it will also help keep your skin from drying out in the cold winter months!

Turn Your Thermostat Down

It may seem strange that you’re reading an article suggesting that you turn your thermostat down, but you should keep your thermostat as low as you can while still being comfortable. There is always an argument on whether to keep your thermostat at the same temperature all day or not. According to Richmond Air, turning your thermostat down while at work or sleep can help you save 10% on your bill which will definitely add up during the colder months of the year.

Bundle Up

While you should be comfortable in your house, it’s winter! Wearing a sweatshirt, sweatpants, and some fuzzy socks are more than acceptable while relaxing in your home! It doesn’t cost a thing to wear warmer clothes while inside. You can also keep the temperature inside the house just a few degrees cooler when you bundle up.

Hopefully you find the tips above helpful to not only save on your heating bill, but to also stay warm! Be sure to contact your local Acceptance agent to make sure you’re covered over the cold winter months!