Fun and Safe Road Trip Tips

Fun and Safe Road Trip Tips

Don’t forget to pack these road trip tips when loading up the car for your family vacation or spring break getaway.

Did you know the most popular form of travel in 2020 was the road trip? This isn't surprising when we look at the long list of benefits to travelling by car, including the ability to customize your trip to fit any budget, lifestyle, group size or COVID-19 comfort level. Road trips are also a great option for families and pet owners. But, before you get on the road, we've got a few tips to make sure your trip is both fun and safe.

Start with the destination.

This might sound like a no-brainer, but researching your destination in advance will help you plan out the perfect itinerary. Find the places you'd like to visit and make a loose schedule. Don't forget to leave plenty of free time for unexpected expeditions or spur-of-the-moment stops. It can also be helpful to read up on the local COVID-19 guidelines while selecting your destination to see what's open and what rules are being enforced.

Plan out your route.

Have you heard the saying, "it's the journey, not the destination"? To help find joy in your journey, plot out the perfect route. Look for tourist attractions, festivals and other experiences you can fit in along the way, even if they take you a little out of the way. This goes double for researching the things you want to avoid like traffic hot spots, detours and areas of spotty GPS service. If you think spotty service might be on your route, it's always a good idea to bring a map or print out your directions. It's better to feel like you're reliving 1995 than retracing your route.

Prebook your lodging.

Before you hit the road, check online for the best deals and locations for your stay. Looking for something with a view? Need a place that's pet-friendly? Find and book your stay before you go. Nailing down your lodging will reduce stress and guarantee you a place to stay.

Hotels aren't the only option. You could also consider a rental home for more features, more privacy and extra space for a larger group.

Detour around boredom.

Check out a new podcast, make a themed playlist or find some audio books to help make your drive more enjoyable.

Travelling with kids? Download their favorite shows and movies or stock up on books and games to help limit screen time.

And, if you feel the energy in the car getting low, simply make a stop and stretch your legs. A little bit of movement can go a long way when it comes to improving your mood.

Make your car road trip ready.

It can be stressful to find a mechanic in a town you're not familiar with, so it's best to check your car for potential problems before you leave. A few things we recommend checking before your trip:

  • Tires and tire pressure

  • Oil and other fluids

  • Brakes

  • Battery

  • Wiper blades

It's impossible to be ready for everything, but you can get close with emergency roadside assistance coverage. With our Towbusters roadside service plan:

  • You get a jump-start or a tow.

  • You get in if you're locked out.

  • You get someone to put on your spare.

  • You get gas, oil or coolant when you need it.

Wherever you travel, we're here to make sure your plans don't get ruined by unexpected bumps in the road. There's a difference between "ready for anything" and "protected," and we've got your back.

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