How To Find Your Coronavirus Stimulus Information (And Not Get Scammed.)

US Treasury Check
How To Find Your Coronavirus Stimulus Information (And Not Get Scammed.)

Sadly, whenever people are holding out hope, there is a criminal ready to take advantage of them. With nearly every American adult hoping to receive up to a $1,200 check from the government, the opportunities for scammers are too rich to pass up.

Avoid The Schemers

Times Like These Bring Out The Criminals.

When we say ‘we live where you do’ – we mean it. And that means we get the same spam emails, phone calls, and social media forwards promising ‘expedited service’ ‘cash now’ and other come-ons. Here’s what we’ve learned from the experts about your IRS payment.


  • NEVER open a link in an email claiming to be from the IRS or related to getting your check.

  • The IRS only communicates via the United States Postal Service.

  • AFTER your payment is made, the IRS will send you a letter via the United States Postal Service (source).

  • This letter will go to your last known mailing address within 15 days of the payment.

  • The IRS says to visit if you have any doubts about a letter you get related to your payment.

Check Your Eligibility

Most Adults Are Eligible.

  • If you have a ‘work-eligible’ Social Security Number and are not claimed as a dependent on someone else’s taxes you will get up to $1,200 as an Economic Impact Payment.

  • If you make more than $75,000, you will receive less money in your stimulus check. If you think that may apply to you, check out the economic payment details

What Do You Have To Do To Get Your Money?

  • If you filed taxes for 2019 or 2018, you don’t have to do anything. They’ll send you a check to your address on your tax return, or if you set up direct deposit for your refund, it will be put right into your bank account. Then keep an eye out for that letter from the IRS.

  • If you haven't filed taxes for those years, or don't have to file taxes, go to this web site and use their safe and secure 'Free File Fillable Forms' application.

 Check On The Status Of Your Payment.

  • The government has a web site to check the status of your payment.

  • That web site is very popular and may not allow you access. Try back later.

  • The web site will ask you security questions to make sure you are you. 

What Do You Do With Your Payment?

Experts suggest that if you don’t need the money to cover expenses right now, that you put it aside. No one knows what will happen in the economy, and whether there will be more payments in the future. Only you know what’s right for you and your community. We hope it helps. After all, we live where you do.