Identity Theft: Anyone Can be a Target

Identity Theft: Anyone Can be a Target

Learn What Identity Theft Is, and What To Do If It Happens To You.

Identity theft is when someone uses your name and social security number or other information about you for profit.

You may think you can't be a victim if you're not rich or have bad credit, but that's not true.

Stolen identities can be used to file for unemployment, take out loans, open up credit cards, even to file tax returns.

And the worst part is most victims don't notice anything wrong until it is too late.

Identity Theft Is Growing

The number of identity theft victims recorded by the government doubled between 2019 and 2020. With 20 times more cases of fraud involving government documents like tax returns, unemployment insurance, even COVID-19 Stimulus checks, you don't have to have money in the bank to be a target.

Has Your Identity Been Stolen?

Identity theft is hard to detect because you don't always see what's missing. Maybe there will be withdrawals from your bank account, but more likely you'll get a call from a debt collector demanding payment for a loan or credit card you never opened. Be aware of changes in routine. Open all your mail – and pay attention to mail you may NOT be getting, like credit card statements. There are products out there that promise to protect you from Identity theft.

At Acceptance Insurance we offer identity recovery services and protection from the costs associated from restoring your name. That's why we talk about the value we offer our customers – you won't get this kind of coverage from the "cheap auto insurance" places.

What To Do Now

Get free identity theft recovery protection*. Acceptance will give you 30 days free protection when you get a quote – click here to get started.

Order your credit reports – throughout the pandemic you can now get free reports every week at – and make sure no new accounts have been opened in your name.

If you lose your wallet, or learn that your passwords or other information were leaked in a security breach, visit this page: Identity Theft Recovery Steps |

The Department of Justice awarded a grant to the Identity Theft Resource Center – visit their site to learn more about how to protect yourself and those you love:

Remember – your banks or credit cards can't protect you from thieves who open new accounts. To get some peace of mind, protect yourself from ID theft AND from the results of having your identity stolen.

*Free 30-day trial of identity theft recovery protection with an insurance quote. No purchase necessary. Trial plan membership is subject to terms and conditions. This is not an insurance product. All membership plans are a product of and administered by NSD Group, LLC©.