Insuring Communities for Over 50 Years

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Insuring Communities for Over 50 Years

Acceptance Insurance is celebrating 50-plus years by celebrating our customers.

Acceptance Insurance was founded in Nashville, TN, in 1969, with the idea that drivers with imperfect records deserve a chance, and that everyone deserves respect. That idea caught on – and 50 years later Acceptance serves nearly 200,000 people from over 350 offices in 17 states and online.

More Than A ‘Number’

Business boils down to trust – especially in the insurance business. Growth like ours has been built on trust – and we earn that trust by listening to and understanding our customers.  What we hear time and again is that people who have  been in an accident, or suffered a setback hear ‘No’ too often. They get told “the numbers just don’t add up” or “you’re too much of a liability.” Acceptance believes in the people behind the numbers. We work hard to find a way to say ‘yes.’

'We Live Where You Do’

Acceptance is not just a company. Acceptance is people; people who shop at the same grocery stores, take their kids to the same schools, and play in the same parks as our customers. We build our business by investing in people, treating them with respect, and offering them real value.

‘Real Values’

We offer more than insurance. We offer expert advice. We offer options from different carriers and explain what makes them right, or wrong, for you. We take the time to explain how state minimum insurance works and where it might not. We listen and seek to understand what kind of coverage will keep you protected and within your budget.

We live by real values, too. The Acceptance team is committed to the communities we live in – from helping Nashville rebuild after a devastating tornado to organizing food drives in Ohio, in ways great and small, we try to make an impact. Even when a customer’s search for coverage starts with the ‘cheapest insurance’ - it often ends with a conversation with one of our agents. Because for over 50 years we’ve been listening. We’ve been there to help.

To our customers, we thank you for your trust.

 To our team members, we congratulate you on 50 years and more of making a difference.