Less Paper = More Paper (Money, That Is.)

Hands on bundle of documents
Less Paper = More Paper (Money, That Is.)

Going paperless can improve your life – really!

The Ways You Can Save

When money matters – and when does it not matter – going paperless get you discounts on bills or lower insurance premiums. But there’s more than cash at stake.

Lower Your Premium and Out-Of-Pocket Costs.

Every time you get a paper bill in the next 2 months, look at it closely for mention of ‘going paperless.’

Bank statements, credit cards, utilities, cable, and insurance bills – check them all. Many companies offer discounts for customers who move their account completely online. And if your insurance company doesn’t, Acceptance does. Get a quote here.

Even a few dollars saved on 5 or 6 accounts can really add up. And if you have been paying your bills with checks, envelopes, and stamps, you’ll save even more when you manage your account online by not having to run out and buy those supplies.

Save the Mess and the Stress

Seeing a pile of mail – never mind a pile of bills – causes stress. And stress can cause real harm. So by reducing the amount of mail coming in, you may just save yourself a headache. Not to mention medical bills and the costs of relieving that stress.

Identity theft can be more than stressful. Every bill or statement that makes it into the trash or recycling bin is an opportunity for a fraudster to try and steal your identity. Experts say going paperless is a great way to limit identity theft.

Worried about having yet another password to remember? Use a password manager app. They are not only secure and convenient, but they can also help you save time logging in to web sites on your phone, computer at work and home.

If you want to reduce headaches even more, consider adding bill due dates to the calendar in your phone, so you always have ample warning before things come due.

Long-Term Earning 

While one person can’t save a forest by going paperless, it is worth adding up all of the ways that trees make money. Saving them can make you money, too.

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