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Secure Your Future with Your Tax Refund

Invest Your Refund
Secure Your Future with Your Tax Refund

For a lot of Americans, February comes with goodies not only on Valentine's Day but also goodies in the form of a tax refund check from the IRS. Splurging on a vacation or new electronics may be tempting, but take time to consider investing in your future with your tax refund.

Protect Yourself from Insurance Lapse

By paying your car insurance when your tax return comes in, you don't have to worry about potentially having a lapse in coverage. This will keep you and your family protected while you're on the road. And you won't have to worry about the costs associated with an accident should you find yourself in one because you'll know you're covered!

Buy Life Insurance

Whether you're purchasing a policy for yourself or your loved ones, there are several things to consider when it comes to a life insurance policy. Acceptance offers short-term life insurance policies that are flexible and affordable solutions for a broad range of unexpected situations. Whether you're making sure your family's wellbeing is covered or just making sure you're prepared for the unexpected, we have options to fit your needs.

Pay Down Your Debt

If you're carrying credit card debt, your tax refund can help pay it down or in full. If your refund doesn't cover the full amount owed, it may at least take off a significant amount of your debt. This big payment will help with built-up interest as well. This will not only relieve some stress associated with debt, it will also help improve your credit score!

Build Your Savings

Cash Money and Piggy Bank

Although it may be hard to do, instead of spending your tax refund, put it in your savings account (or start one if you don't already have one) to hold onto it. Building up an emergency fund can help soften the blow of unexpected expenses that you may encounter whether it's a costly car repair, a broken washing machine, or something more serious. If you already have an emergency fund, add to it to give yourself and your savings an extra boost.

If you receive your tax refund and are interested in car or life insurance, give your local Acceptance agent a call! We offer plans that will fit any budget, and we'll find the one that best fits your needs.

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