The Keys to Road-Trip Readiness

A road trip in progress
The Keys to Road-Trip Readiness

From planning the ‘where' to the ‘what now?' we have tips for making your next drive the best drive.

Plan for the best (and the worst.)

Before you hit the highway, doing some pre-work can help you max out your road trip.

There's nothing worse than rolling into town and finding out there are no rooms available, so book ahead.

The key: make flexible reservations.
That way if you change your mind, or take a detour, you won't lose out.
When you're booking, make sure you filter your results by rooms without a cancellation fee.
A site like can help you find a great price on a room last-minute if you find yourself re-routing or not where you planned to be.

Okay there's one thing worse than having no room – having no ride.

Make sure you've got 24 hr roadside assistance that can help you if you run out of gas, lock yourself out, or can't start the car.
The key: check your towing coverage.
Most companies have a 5-mile (or less) limit on how far you can get towed. If you're travelling far from home or into remote areas that may not cut it.
Acceptance Insurance offers 25-mile coverage with our Towbusters and TowbustersPlus plans.

What's worse than that?

Some things are better left to the imagination. But you can still plan for it all (and enjoy some peace of mind) with insurance. Adding coverage to your car before you head out is a great idea.
The key: talk to an agent.
They can help you figure out the right plan for your budget, talk through timelines, and match you with just what you need to stay protected. And if you're going to Mexico, they can explain what coverage you need there. Acceptance has affordable travel insurance too.

Are you more into camping? We feel you.

Fresh air, starry skies, open fires – camping on a road trip lets you stretch your legs and take a break from the noise and speed of the highway.
The key: Camp only where you are welcome! has a trip planner that shows you all the campsites (free and otherwise) you may find along your route.
And if you want something different try hipcamp. This site has campgrounds, cabins, yurts, and more – all on private land and ranging from high-style glamping to bare-bones backcountry vibes.

These keys to road trip planning will unlock a lot of fun – that you'll make uniquely yours. Keep an open mind on the open road and stay safe – and maybe make an extra set of keys, just in case.

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