We Are Acceptance Insurance and We Pledge Acceptance.

I Pledge Acceptance Text Over Polaroids
We Are Acceptance Insurance and We Pledge Acceptance.

Acceptance Invites You To Join The Movement

The Acceptance Insurance mission is ‘to help hard working people deal with life’s uncertainties.’ And sure, that’s what insurance does – make us whole after something goes wrong - but considering all the uncertainty in the world today, we know we can do more.

We say ‘We Live Where You Do’ - meaning that we understand our customers and the communities we serve, because we’re a part of those communities. We drive the same roads, send our children to the same schools, and shop at the same grocery stores.

We also feel the same hurt, hope against the same fears, and wish for the same brighter tomorrow.

As a company we decided to do something – something that goes beyond our stores, beyond customers and agents – something that speaks to this moment and is timeless.

To me, the word ‘acceptance’ and understanding go hand in hand. We all have been gifted with unique talents that differentiate us from others. By understanding our differences and accepting the unique gifts we’ve all been given, we realize that we are more alike than we are different. It’s a privilege to be a part of an organization that has a real passion for others' wellbeing.

This quote from our Senior Vice President of Human Resources Burley Nelson captures the spirit of the pledge and why we have launched this campaign. We want to be a company that lives our values and shares those efforts with our communities. We want to enroll our friends, family, and neighbors in a project to live those values, too.

The result, we hope, is a movement of people committing to help each other deal with life’s uncertainties. Taking the pledge is just the beginning. As of this writing, nearly 7,000 people have taken the pledge. Click here to sign the pledge too and keep growing the movement.

Tell us when you pledge, and what action you’ll take next to live your pledge on social media using the hashtags #IPledgeAcceptance and #EveryoneIsSomeone.