Weatherproofing Your Home

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Weatherproofing Your Home

In many parts of the country, cold weather is approaching quickly meaning the next few months will have a chill in the air. Even if your area doesn’t receive a foot of snow, there are still tough elements with which you will have to deal. During these months, homes are exposed to harsh elements; therefore, weatherproofing your home is so important.

Luckily, most of these tasks are relatively inexpensive but will make a big difference in how comfortable your home is. It’s better to be prepared than to deal with expensive and unexpected issues caused by winter weather.

Easy Home Weatherproofing

  • Clean gutters before the first snowfall or freeze of the season.

  • Replace the filter in your furnace.

  • Disconnect any hoses from outdoor faucets.

  • Weatherproof your windows.

  • Insulate your pipes.

  • Check fireplaces and chimneys for animal nests.

  • Pull storm windows down rather than leaving screens in.

  • Close any outdoor vents.

Many of these home preparations can be done without any professional help and are typically affordable.

Cold Weather Prep

The list above provides recommendations on how to prepare your house for the elements. But what else do you need for the potential risk of snow, ice, or freezing rain that cold weather brings?

  • Buy two shovels - one for lifting snow and one for pushing snow.

  • Keep an emergency car kit on-hand, in case you wake up to a dead battery.

  • Keep a bag of ice melt to help dissolve the build-up of ice on walkways, driveways, or patios.

  • Keep nonperishable food in your cabinets.

  • Change the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

There are many potential issues when it comes to cold weather and your home. To find out what protections we offer, please reach out to your local Acceptance Insurance agent today!