Win $5000, Give $5000* to Habitat For Humanity

Win $5000, Give $5000* to Habitat For Humanity

Acceptance Insurance gives back to our communities, and Habitat for Humanity builds them stronger.

When you buy a home, auto, or motorcycle insurance policy, you're joining a community of fellow customers. Your premiums may help your neighbor get their car fixed so they can get back to work - their premiums may pay for your roof damage after a storm. Neighbors helping neighbors is the essence of community.

Stronger Through Engagement

Habitat For Humanity doesn't give away free houses. They offer reduced-rate mortgages for applicants who commit to doing hundreds of hours of building and homeowner education. And their research shows that homeowners participate in civic associations and neighborhood groups at higher rates than renters and are more likely to vote. In short, Habitat partners make good neighbors.

Lighter Loads For All

Habitat doesn't just build new, energy efficient homes with their partners – they also rehabilitate properties. Key to either type of project is weatherization and energy-efficiency. Refitting older single-family homes can reduce total energy costs for a family by more than 12%. This doesn't just lighten the load for the families paying the bills, but for all of us who want clean air and less waste.

Better Outcomes For Families

Children of low-income homeowners, compared to children of renters, are more likely to graduate high school and attend college. The wealth created through homeownership allows families to finance post-secondary education, and the reduced housing costs associated with Habitat partnership allow families to spend more on health care, nutrition, and other services that improve their quality of life. Whether you win a $5,000 prize or not, we invite you to support Habitat for Humanity and learn more about the incredible work they do here.

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