Hurricane Harvey Claims

First and foremost, our thoughts are with our Team Members, Policy Holders and their families, and friends who have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  The devastation we have seen is unimaginable, and we know that many of you are facing multiple challenges now that the rain has subsided.  

For our customers who have trusted Acceptance to insure their vehicles, we want to make the claims process as transparent and easy as possible.  If your vehicle was damaged by hurricane flooding, below you will find the five steps to receiving your claim check.  We have assembled a special team of claims adjusters to handle vehicle claims, and we have streamlined our process to ensure that we get claims payments to you as quickly as possible.  

Initial Claims Process

  • Report your claim – Call our claims intake line (800)-779-2103 to report your claim.  Have your policy number handy before you make the call.
  • Once your claim is entered into the system, you will be contacted by an adjuster who will review the claim and go over the claims process with you.
  • Next, your adjuster will order an appraisal, to determine the extent of the damage to your vehicle.
  • You will be contacted by an appraiser, who will either inspect your vehicle in person, or will give you instructions to take photos of your vehicle, and submit them electronically.
  • For inquiries regarding your inspection, contact (800) 962-4984

If your vehicle is repairable:

  • The appraiser will provide you with a copy of the estimate either in person or via email.
  • The adjuster will follow up with the customer to obtain their body shop of choice information. Payment will be issued to the owner directly if there is no lien. If there is a lien, either lien holder or body shop of choice will be added along with owner to the check as a payee.
  • When having the repairs completed, please provide your body shop of choice with a copy of our estimate. The shop will call our supplement hotline (listed on estimate) to address any additional damages found during the repair process.

If your vehicle is deemed a total loss:

  • The customer will be provided with a power of attorney via mail, email, or through the agent’s office.
  • If the policyholder/owner has a lien holder, we will need the name of the lien holder, name of the account holder, account number (if available), and the lien holder’s phone number. The adjuster will follow up with the lien holder to obtain the letter of guarantee and copy of the title. The policyholder or owner of the vehicle will need to return the signed power of attorney to Acceptance Insurance.
  • If the policy holder/customer does not have a lien holder, they will need to complete and return the power of attorney, the original title (please do not sign anything on the title), and the keys to Acceptance Insurance.
  • Once all accurately completed documents are received, and we receive confirmation of vehicle pick up, we can then issue payments to the appropriate parties.


All documentation and keys should be mailed to Acceptance:

PO BOX 150769

All documents have to be mailed; we cannot accept copies via fax and email.

**General claims questions should be directed to your handling adjuster at (800) 779-2103**