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Affordable Business Insurance

Protect your company from the unexpected.

Low-Cost Insurance for Business Owners

Spending time and money bringing your dream of business ownership to life means you know how important it is to protect everything you create. Companies face risks every day from lawsuits, accidents and more. Thankfully, business insurance protects your company – including its financial assets and property – from the effects of:

  • Lawsuits
  • Property damage
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Loss of income
  • Employee injuries and illnesses
  • Natural disasters

At Acceptance, we are pleased to help you succeed and stay safe. Our friendly, knowledgeable agents live in your community and truly care about your business.

Business Insurance FAQs

Get answers to common insurance questions

How Much Does Business Insurance Cost?

When it comes to keeping your small business safe, the benefits of having insurance far exceed the costs. Depending on your business type, location, and size, you could pay as little as $14 a month or up to $300 a month for coverage. Our welcoming team is here to help you find the right plan that fits your needs and budget.

Some of the factors that go into deciding your insurance costs include:

  • Types of Coverage: what types of coverage you select.
  • Industry: trades with higher risks may cost more.
  • Size: determined by revenue and number of employees.
  • Location: usually a small factor, but some areas have higher claims.
  • Claims history: previous small claims should not affect your premium to a large degree.

Overview of business insurance types and their average national costs:

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Business Insurance Type Average Monthly Cost
General Liability $30
Commercial Property $63
Cyber Liability $124
Business Interruption $40
Workers Comp $70


These are just some of the more popular types of business insurance. There is a large variety of business insurance policies, some very specific to an industry, such as inland marine insurance or glass insurance. An Acceptance agent will help you find affordable options based on your business field and other variables. You’ve put in a lot of time, money, and hard work to make your business a reality. It’s time to safeguard your investment with the right business insurance.

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Types of Commercial Insurance

The types of protection you need depend on a few details about your business, including size, type of industry, and number of employees.

Workers Compensation Coverage

If you have employees, you will likely need workers compensation insurance. In some states, even one employee means you must have workers comp insurance. This insurance – which is paid to the state – covers medical costs and lost wages resulting from job-related accidents or illnesses. In turn, the state administers lost wages and medical costs. Each state has different requirements for workers compensation, so speak with an Acceptance agent who can help you understand the legal mandates where you do business.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

In addition to workers’ compensation, liability insurance is another type of coverage that you will need. Liability insurance comes in handy in case someone is injured either on your property or from your product. It will help you cover the costs of any claims that arise. If a customer’s property is damaged due to your company, it will fall under the general liability category.

Your liability insurance also protects you and your company against claims of false or misleading advertising and copyright infringement.

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Commercial Property Damage Liability Insurance

Property damage liability covers property damage, so you’ll have some financial recourse if your building is damaged or lost. It also covers the items within the structure and loss of income if the event puts you out of business. If you rent your space, this will help you recover from fire, flood, or other catastrophes that affect your personal and professional belongings.

Business Owners Policy

A business owners policy (BOP) is a combination of general liability and commercial property damage. In many cases, you’ll be able to get all the protection you need under one BOP policy, including property damage, injuries, court and legal fees, business income interruptions, advertising mistakes and inventory replacement.

Liability policies fall under different types, including general, professional, commercial, and directors and officers. Your reliable Acceptance agent is well-versed in these types and can help you determine what is needed.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Whether you have a small fleet, or your employee uses your personal car to make deliveries, commercial auto insurance is necessary to cover any expenses arising from an at-fault work-related vehicle accident. Commercial car insurance has higher limits than a regular car insurance policy, plus it usually includes comprehensive insurance and collision insurance, as well as more complex legal issues that can arise from a work-vehicle accident.

Various types of insurance policies cater to specific circumstances in a commercial setting. Your local Acceptance agent can assist you in exploring these options and determining which one both protects your business and positions it for success.

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