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Roadside Assistance

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That ‘Oh No’ Feeling.

The flat tire. The keys locked in the car. The dead battery. If you’ve had one of these you’ve had that ‘oh no’ feeling. We know it too. That’s why we offer Towbusters Plus Roadside Assistance*.

Drive With Confidence.

With Towbusters and Towbusters Plus, you can get the ‘it’s all good’ feeling on your way across town or across the country:

  • You get a jump start or a tow.
  • You get in if you’re locked out.
  • You get someone to put on your spare.
  • You get gas, oil, or coolant when you need it*.
  • And you get it for everyone** who drives your car.
  • You also get category-leading features and a stack of discounts and savings that can pay for your whole membership.

Be ‘TicketProof’

We can’t stop you from getting a ticket. But our Towbusters Plus service will pay you back* for traffic tickets. You get:

  • $100, up to 2 times a year.
  • $200 in legal fees reimbursed if your ticket sends you to court.
  • $250 reimbursement if you have to go to traffic school.

This feature is called ‘TicketProof’, and it can take the sting out of these other ‘oh no’ moments.

If you only used half of these benefits, the whole service would pay for itself twice over!

woman calling someone while roadside assistance is helping her on the road

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More Features, More Coverage

Towbusters Plus Gives More Coverage Than The Average Plan

  • Tows up to 25 miles (other companies keep it to 5 miles or less, then hit you with extra fees).
  • 10 Days of rental car reimbursement at $25/day (Some only give you a day or 2).
  • 100% Lockout Costs Covered (no $50 limit like the others).
  • 5 calls/year (most offer 4).

Save On Everything*

Towbusters Plus Membership Includes Amazing Savings:

  • 10% Off Major Auto Service and Maintenance Chain
  • Hotel Discounts that beat the big travel web sites**
  • Car Rental Savings Codes and deals
  • and memberships
    These benefits are incredible. From prescriptions to computers, the discounts available could more than pay for the year’s subscription in 1 purchase. Get name-brand laptops for $400 off. Save on tickets to movies, theme parks, campgrounds, and much, much more.
Roadside assistance man changing a flat car tire