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Hospital Indemnity Protection

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The Peace Of Being Prepared

From buckling your safety belt to checking your mirror and looking both ways, you make little decisions every day that give you peace of mind and protection from accidents and injury. With a Hospital Indemnity Plan, you can have peace and protection if you or a family member* are injured in a car accident. This peace and protection can be yours for less than $0.34 a day.

African-American doctor at hospital prescribing treatment and talking to young patient wearing injury support

The ‘Help In Case’ Plan

‘Hospital Indemnity’ is a mouthful. To ‘indemnify’ in this case means to protect against a financial burden. Hospital Indemnity coverage is NOT insurance. It is meant to protect you from the financial burden of meeting expenses as a result of injuries or hospitalizations due to a car accident**. That’s why we like to think of it as the ‘Help In Case’ plan.

You Get Help In Case Of:

  • Insurance Co-Payments And Deductibles
  • Hospital Stays
  • Hiring a Nurse
  • Ambulance Costs

The ‘How I’ll Pay’ Plan

“How Am I Going To Pay These Bills?” Health insurance doesn’t cover everything – and comes with deductible payments and co-pays that can really add up. What about lost wages? Or follow-up care? Hospital Indemnity Protection Plans aren’t health insurance, so your payments aren’t tied to specific services.

With Hospital Indemnity, You’ll Pay Those Bills With:

  • Direct Payments In The Event Of Accidental Death Or Dismemberment (Up To $10,000),
  • Medical Expense Coverage Up To $1000
  • $125 Per Day For Up To A Year’s Worth Of Hospital Stays
patient in hospital bed recovering from an auto accident

The ‘How It Can Pay For Itself’ Plan

Even if you never need the medical expense benefits of your HIP plan, you can still get amazing value from this plan. That’s because every HIP member gets access to exclusive savings.

You Can Save Big With:

  • A Prescription Savings Card Good on 99% of Prescription Medications
  • Rental Car, Hotel, and Attraction Discounts That Beat The Big Travel Sites***
  • Insider Prices, Discount Codes, and Deals on Cars, Computers, Clothes and more with and membership.

* Requires purchase of a Family Plan, which covers your legal spouse and dependents under age 18 residing in the same household.

** This excludes motorcycles, taxis and ride-share vehicles. This doesn’t cover sickness or illness, either, only injuries sustained in a private passenger automobile.

*** Based on our experience, prices and discounts are subject to change.