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Tips to Help You Find Cheap Gas

With gas prices continuing to rise, many drivers out there are looking for ways to find cheap gas. Saving a few cents here and there can really add up over the course of a few fills, especially right now! Gas stations often have a variety of discounts and offers available — you just need to know where and when to look. To help you take advantage of these potential savings, we’ve outlined a few tips and tricks to help you find the cheapest gas when possible.

1. Find Cheap Gas on Weekdays

Gas prices on weekdays are generally cheaper than weekend prices. Often, to get the cheapest price, you’ll want to plan to fill up your tank on a weekday.

2. Fill Up in the Morning

Additionally, gas prices tend to be cheaper in the mornings.  If you can, fill up your tank before heading into work — this small change could save you a lot of money in the long run.

3. Take Advantage of Discounts

Many gas stations offer discounts for seniors, students and more. Be sure to look into any discounts that might be available to you before you fill up your tank — you can even ask the gas station attendant.

5. Compare Prices Before You Fill Up

Don’t just stop at the first gas station you see because there may be a cheaper option close by. Be sure to use a gas price finder to compare prices at different stations in your area, or plan ahead to fill your tank in an area that you know typically has lower prices.

4. Gas Price Finders

There are a number of websites and apps that allow drivers to find the cheapest gas in their area. Try downloading an app for a local gas station or performing a Google search for your area to see where the lowest gas prices can be found.

6. Join a Loyalty Program

Many gas stations offer loyalty programs that give drivers discounts on gas. These fuel rewards programs, for example, allow drivers to save money on gas, and even some grocery stores allow shoppers to accrue fuel points when you shop with them.

7. Get a Credit Card That Offers Gas Rewards

There are a number of credit cards that offer gas rewards. This could be a great opportunity to get a cash back percentage or other discounts when you fill your tank.

8. Offsetting Gas Prices

With the dramatic rise in gas prices, you may also be looking for other ways to cut costs. One way to reduce your expenses is to compare car insurance rates to see if you can get the same coverage at a better price. Get a free, no hassle car insurance quote from Acceptance Insurance and see how much you could save today.

By following these cheap gas tips and tricks, you could save on filling up your tank and keep more money in your pocket.

Common Questions Asked About Finding Cheap Gas

How Can I Reduce My Gas Expenses?

There are many ways that you can reduce your gas expenses. One way is to try your best to find cheap gas in your area by using any of the methods mentioned in this article, including utilizing a gas price comparison website or app. Another way to save money on gas is to carpool with someone, or walking and/or biking instead of driving where possible.

What Day of the Week Is Gas Cheapest?

Although gas prices vary throughout the week, Monday is typically the cheapest, and Friday and Saturday are often the most expensive. If you’re looking to save money on gas, try filling up your tank early to midweek .

Where Is the Best Place To Find Cheap Gas?

There are a few different ways to find cheap gas. One way is to use a website or app that compares the prices of gas at different stations in your area. There are also crowdsourcing apps and websites that allow you to see what others have to say about gas prices near you. You can also try to go to a station that offers discounts for cash payments.

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