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Car Safety Upgrades That Could Save You Money on Insurance Premiums

There are quite a few factors that go into determining the cost of your auto insurance premiums, such as your age, driving record and the type of car you drive. What many people don’t know is that they can reduce the amount they pay monthly by participating in safety programs or adding safety features to their vehicles. In fact, drivers who have safety features installed in their cars could save up to 20% on their auto insurance premiums. 

 While things like driver safety courses help some drivers avoid higher rates, there are other ways to improve your auto insurance profile and save money on car insurance. Consider the following five options to reduce the cost of your auto insurance policy. 

1. Theft-Deterrent Devices

If you cannot afford to install a full alarm system, consider using an audible device such as The Club or other “lock and leave” systems. You might also consider installing an alarm system that is monitored by a security company or used with anti-theft devices that could help lower premiums.  Some insurers will offer discounts for those features as well as others like having a window or hood sticker alerting would-be thieves to the presence of an alarm. 

2. Include a Roadside Assistance

A roadside assistance program can help you avoid the hassle of being stuck on the side of the road when your car breaks down, and many plans pay for towing to an approved mechanic if needed. As a result, these roadside assistance services can lower your premium costs by removing the variable of roadside assistance from your policy and offering access to a service you may use anyway. 

3. Join a Safe Driving Program

Drivers who participate in a safe driving program can often earn reductions or discounts on their insurance premiums. Many of these programs are available online, at an organization’s website or via approved vendors. These programs track your driving habits and use GPS to detect accidents and collisions to give your insurance provider the best look at how to cover you. 

4. Take Advantage of Bundling Discounts

Bundling your auto insurance policy with your home or renters insurance can help you save money on your premiums. At Acceptance Insurance, we offer several bundling discounts that can help you save money and they are easy to take advantage of. 

 One way to save on your auto insurance is by bundling your policy with other types of insurance. This discount applies when you bundle your auto insurance with your home or renters insurance policy, and it can typically provide significant savings. Contact us to learn more about bundling offers. 

5. Maintain an Excellent Credit Score

Insurance companies may consider your credit score when setting your rates, and even use credit score as a driver profile to determine the risk of loss. A good credit score can mean lower insurance rates, while lower scores could lead to higher premiums. Keep your credit score high by making your payments on time and keeping running balances low. 

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Start exploring your options for an auto insurance policy today by getting a quote from Acceptance Insurance. Our team of experienced insurance agents is dedicated to helping you find the perfect coverage at an affordable price, so you can get back on the road as quickly and safely as possible. To save on your monthly premium, make sure to ask about available discounts and upgrades. Find a local insurance agent near you or get a free, no-hassle quote today! 

Common Questions Asked About Saving Money On Insurance Premiums

Is It Worth It To Bundle Home And Auto Insurance?

Whether or not it is worth it to bundle home and auto insurance depends on your specific situation. Generally speaking, bundling home and auto insurance can lead to savings on both policies. 

Will Collision Coverage Lower My Insurance Rate?

If you have a high deductible, then collision coverage may not have much of an impact on your rates. With a lower deductible, your rate will be higher, but you’ll pay less out of pocket. 

How Does One’s Credit Score Affect Auto Insurance Rates?

Your credit score can affect auto insurance rates in several ways. In some cases, your insurer may use your credit score to determine your risk profile as a driver, which could lead to higher premiums. In some cases, insurers offer drivers with good credit scores discounts or other benefits. 


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