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How To Make the Most Of Your Child Tax Credit

We’ve got tips and info about this new way you may receive your benefits.

Three Ways To Make The Most Of Your Child Tax Credit Check

  1. Pay Down Debt. If you’ve got any bills that charge you interest, pay them off. Start with the payments that charge the highest interest rate. This can help you keep more of your money in the long run.
  2. Pay your insurance bill for the year. Insurance bills are almost always cheaper when you pay for a longer period of time up front. When you miss your insurance payment, you risk losing your coverage – so this tip can save you money and give you peace of mind.
  3. Save For Emergencies. Putting away some money ‘just in case’ is sometimes hard – but having cash in the bank when you need to fix the car or go to the doctor is always going to be a good idea.

Things To Know About The Child Tax Credit Payments

Almost everyone with a child under the age of 18 is eligible for monthly payments. If you haven’t started receiving payments, click here to visit the Child Tax Credit Update Portal on The child tax credit used to be paid out in one big payment when you filed your taxes. Thanks to this new program, you are getting half of that money in monthly payments. You’ll get the other half when you file your taxes. If you didn’t file taxes, or aren’t required to file taxes, click here to use the Non-filer Sign-up Tool

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