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Protecting Your Packages & What To Do If They’re Stolen

When you order something online and are waiting for it to arrive, the last thing you want is for it to be stolen. Unfortunately, package theft is on the rise and it can happen to anyone. In this article, we will give you tips on how to protect your packages and what to do if they are stolen.

Protecting Your Packages

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to secure your packages and minimize the risk of having them stolen.

Use a Tracking Service

One of the best ways to protect your packages is to use a tracking service. With a tracking service, you will be able to see when your package has been delivered and where it’s located at all times prior to delivery. This can help you determine if someone has attempted to steal your package or not.

Install Security Cameras

Another way to protect your packages is by installing a security camera outside your home or a Ring doorbell. With these cameras, you can record any activity around your home and keep an eye on your packages to make sure they are not being stolen. You could also invest in a secure mailbox, which will help prevent porch pirates from accessing your deliveries when they’re left at your door. As an alternative to home delivery, you could also have your packages delivered to a locking post office box so that your deliveries are always secure.

If your package is stolen, it’s important to report the theft to the authorities right away. They will be able to investigate further and help you recover your lost items.

What to Do If a Package Is Stolen

In the event that your package is stolen, there are several steps you can take to recover your losses. It’s important to report the theft to your local police department as they will be able to investigate and possibly help you recover any missing items. You may also want to contact the person or company that sent the package to obtain a refund or replacement if the package is not able to be recovered.

If you have a renters insurance policy, you could file a claim with your insurer. Most renters and homeowners policies cover personal property loss or damage, which allows coverage in the event of stolen or ruined packages. Your insurer will reimburse you for the value of the stolen item, minus any deductible that you may have. Acceptance Insurance offers a variety of renters and homeowners insurance types with customizable coverage to suit your needs.

Get Covered With Renters or Homeowners Insurance

Acceptance offers the perfect renters and homeowners policies to cover you in the event of stolen or damaged property, whether it’s a brand-new package or a 5-year-old television. Our policies can be customized to fit your needs, and we offer fast and easy claims processing so you can get back on track as quickly as possible. Contact us to figure out which policy is best for you or get a free, no-hassle quote online today.

Common Questions About Protecting Packages from Being Stolen

What Is The Best Way To Package My Products For Shipping?

When shipping products, it’s important to take steps to protect them from theft. A couple of great ways to do this are by ensuring products are properly packaged and using a security seal.

Using strong boxes and other packing materials will keep your items safe during transit. Using a security seal, will ensure the recipient that your package hasn’t been interfered with during delivery. These seals can be purchased online or at office supply stores, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Another way to protect your products is by using a tracking number. This number will allow you to track your package’s progress from start to finish. This can help you ensure that your products arrive safely at their destination.

Is It Worth Using A Tracking Number For My Packages?

Whether or not it is worth using a tracking number for your packages depends on the items you are shipping and the delivery service you are using. Generally, for important or expensive packages, a tracking number can provide peace of mind and ensure that your package arrives safely. However, for less expensive items or those that are not time-sensitive, a tracking number may not be necessary.

Are There Any Resources Or Tools Available To Help Me Recover A Stolen Package?

Yes, there are many resources and tools available to help you recover a stolen package. These can include tracking services, police reports, and insurance claims, or contact the sender of the package for a replacement. To avoid theft overall, you could employ additional security measures such as installing a security camera or a locking mailbox, or ask the delivery service to hold the package for pickup.


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