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Questions And Answers With Nathan Furniss About Life Insurance Awareness

Term Life Insurance and the Future

Term Life Insurance is a crucial component of financial planning, providing valuable protection for your loved ones in times of need. Dive into the fundamentals of Term Life Insurance and gain insights from Nathan Furniss, Managing Partner of On Point Financial Service, who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the life insurance field. 

Nathan’s journey into financial services began nearly two decades ago . Graduating from the University of Akron as a tennis student athlete in April 2000, Nathan started his career almost 6 months later selling life insurance and fixed annuities. Throughout his career he’s had the privilege of helping countless individuals and families navigate the complex world of financial planning, with a particular emphasis on life insurance. 

Whether you’re a newcomer looking to understand the basics or a seasoned policyholder seeking to fine-tune your coverage, Nathan is here to answer your questions and provide valuable advice.

Term Life Insurance is a topic that many people encounter at some point in their lives. Can you provide a brief overview of what Term Life Insurance is and how it differs from other types of life insurance?  

“Term life insurance is a type of life insurance policy that provides coverage for a specific period or “term.” Unlike permanent life insurance policies, such as whole life or universal life insurance, which provide coverage for the insured’s entire lifetime, term life insurance is designed to provide protection for a limited time frame. If the insured person dies during the term of the policy, the death benefit is paid out to the beneficiaries tax-free.” 

In your experience, who should consider purchasing life insurance and what factors should they take into account when determining if they qualify for coverage? 

“Not everyone can qualify for Life Insurance. Depending on the amount of the insurance the applicant chooses will determine the underwriting process. Life insurance should be a must for certain individuals or situations. Some examples for who should consider getting life insurance are:”  

  • Breadwinners 
  • Parents 
  • Stay at home parents 
  • Individuals with dependents 
  • Business owners 

What factors and information are typically considered when calculating the premium and coverage amount for a life insurance policy?

“There are several factors in calculating the premium in a life insurance policy. Age, gender, health, amount, type of insurance and mode of payment.”  

How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect life insurance coverage and premiums, and what long-term changes in the industry can be expected as a result of this impact? 

“Initially, some insurance companies raised premiums for new policies, especially for older individuals or those with underlying health conditions that made them more susceptible to COVID-19. This was because the insurance industry faced increased mortality risks due to the pandemic.”  

“The pandemic accelerated the trend toward digital and contactless processes in the insurance industry. Many insurers shifted to online applications, medical exams via telemedicine, and electronic document signing to minimize in-person interactions.”   

How has life insurance evolved and adapted to the changing landscape in 2023, addressing emerging trends and technologies to better serve policyholders?

“The biggest changes have been more in the underwriting process and not so much the policy design.”  

What emerging trends and developments do you foresee shaping the life insurance industry over the next five years?

“Life insurance ownership is basically at an all time low. The number of families reporting any life insurance coverage peaked at 85.4% in 1971. 1-In 2023 Overall, 52% of American adults report owning life insurance, and 41% of adults — both insured and uninsured — say they don’t have sufficient life insurance coverage. A record breaking 39% of consumers plan on buying a life insurance policy by 2024, according to LIMRA. 2-Also we see insurers will invest in digital platforms, mobile apps, and online services to enhance customer experiences, streamline underwriting processes, and improve overall efficiency.”

In conclusion, Term Life Insurance is significant in securing the financial future of individuals and families. We’ve learned about the fundamental principles of Term Life Insurance, its role in providing essential protection, and the various considerations one should keep in mind when choosing a policy. Find one of your nearest Acceptance Insurance locations for your free term life insurance quote today. Check out On Point Financial at their official website. Or check them out on social media on LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter


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