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Road, Waterway or Trail: Our List of Most Forgotten Items

Before you head out on the road, trail or waterway, stop by your local Acceptance Insurance for great rates and protection.

The heat is here. Summer is sweltering and you need a getaway. That saved-up vacation time is waiting to throw you a lifeline, and you just need to grab it. But, packing can be overwhelming, and we’re here to help with some of the most forgotten items for all kinds of trips.

Is your oasis a long drive in a car, motorcycle or RV, or would you rather make your own way in a boat or an ATV? No matter what kind of traveler you are, Acceptance has the protection, coverage and unforgettable tips you need to get headed down the right path.

Now that you’re ready to get out and take on your next adventure, we’ve got a list of most forgotten items to prepare the most seasoned summer sightseers.

Recreational Vehiclers

You’ve packed up the fam in the RV. You’re ready to tackle the open road and see everything this country has to offer. Sure, you’re gassed up and tire pressure checked, but did you pack everything you need? Unlike other modes of travel, the Recreational Vehicle is your house on wheels. You need it all. Instead of a comprehensive list, which there are plenty, including this one, we’re sharing the mostforgotten items for your RV trip.

1. Power!

Chargers and cables and plugs, oh my! With all of the devices we depend on these days, it’s easy to forget the power cord to your favorite blender or reading light. Grab a surge protector and make sure you’ve got all the cords you need to avoid stopping and purchasing overpriced cables on the way!

2. Kitchen Everythings

Let’s start with the basics. Yes, you need plates and napkins and all that, but did you remember the spatula for flipping those burgers? What about your favorite seasonings? It’s easy to overlook a utensil or spices, but when you need them … you need them.

3. Indoor Entertainment

When you think about adventuring, your first thought is the outdoors — hiking, biking, fishing, walking, canoeing … all of the -ings. But, what about nighttime? Or, when the weather doesn’t want to cooperate? Grab a game! A simple deck of cards, checkers, or your favorite board game can keep you entertained and bring the family together.

On-The-Water Captains

When your eyes close, can you hear the slapping of gentle waves on the hull? Are you ready to embark on a day of fun and splashing in the sun? Become the captain of your fun, and keep these things around for safety and entertainment as you sail your “seas.”

1. Legal Whatnots

Sure, it’s boring, but you’ve got to have a few things so your trip doesn’t end early. Let’s start with the papers — IDs and documents. Just like a car, you’ve got to have the boat registration, and some states even require a boating safety course to be a qualified captain. Also, if you’re going to be fishing, a license is required. Keep these things in a waterproof envelope close at hand to stay afloat.

2. Health and Safety

Grab a first aid kit for the ouchies. There are plenty of ways to get cuts, scrapes and burns while out on the water. The first aid kit keeps everyone safe without interrupting the fun. Also, don’t forget your favorite sunscreen because without it, sunburns are inevitable. This sounds like a no-brainer, but leaving it behind will cost you time and money — and nobody wants that.

3. Fun in the Sun

You grabbed snacks and drinks, but what about a music playlist? Set the tone of the day with a great playlist and a waterproof speaker! And once the music gets you going, you’ll need a camera to capture the moment. Charge that phone or bring a camera to record it, share it and remember it all – bonus points if you’ve got a waterproof case!

Motorcycle Cruisers

The open road calls. You answer with the rev of a purring and popping engine. Freedom is out there and you just have to grab it, but don’t forget these often forgotten items to keep you cruising.

1. Flat Tire Fighters

Have a plan for flat tires, don’t let a rogue screw or scrap slow you down. For many people, this could mean a call to roadside assistance and a few hours on the side of the road. But, you can also pick up a tire repair kit for a temporary repair that could save you lots of hassle.

2. A Spare Key

Seems redundant until the road gremlins attack and your key disappears due to almost anything. This is another situation where roadside assistance can help, but keeping an extra key taped to the frame of the bike, or hidden away in a secret compartment may keep you from sitting on the side of the road. Some riders prefer to keep an extra key on themselves, and that’s great too — just zip up those pockets!

3. An ‘Acceptance’ Attitude

A motorcycle tour is an opportunity for the closest connection between traveler and road. Don’t let mishaps, weather, detours, traffic and other drivers mess with your mental state. When you hit the road on your bike, keep your attitude fresh with plenty of stops and patience.

All-Terrain Vehicle Adventurers

Mud knows you by name, because you are unafraid. You and your ATV are battle tested and ruggedly approved. You know what you need, but more importantly, you need to know what not to forget.

1. Fluids and Spares

You’re on an ATV for a reason — to tackle treacherous terrain, and that takes a toll. A good tool kit is a bit of a given, but did you bring extra gas and oil? You can also purchase peace of mind with a couple of extra spark plugs and a spare tire and rim.

2. Un-sticking Equipment

It’s going to happen. Off road you or a friend will find themselves stuck. And we know that’s half the fun, but with a few packables, you overcome and keep on moving. It’s not the most fun option, but the easiest — a shovel and a hatchet. This can help when you don’t have a winch. Another option for winch-free unsticking, try the cheaper, lighter alternative — a come-along. If you don’t know what it is, it’s like a winch … powered by your muscles.

3. Wayfinding Kit

Basically, this just means: maps, a GPS, cellphones and chargers. Know where you’re going, even when you’re trying to get away. This will help you keep track of the trails and where you parked your vehicle. And, one more extra tip — never hit the trails alone. Take a friend for safety and to make sure you have someone there to document all of your sweet driving skills.

Car Road Tripper

That alarm goes off early. Like, early early. You want to beat the traffic, so you load up the kids in your vehicle for a full day of motoring down the highway. About an hour down the road that feeling hits you and you think, “What did I forget?” Well, here are a few of the lesser-known things to keep you truckin’ on your next great road trip adventure.

1. Travel Trash Can

When the snack wrappers, receipts, and free pamphlets have lost their usefulness, you’ll need somewhere to stash them. Clean car = happy car.

2. Eye Wear

We’re talking about eyeglasses, sun and otherwise. Grab those contacts too, you’ve got to see to be able to enjoy the countryside.

3. Weather Provisions

Rain jackets or ponchos paired with a decent umbrella could save the day when you least expect it.

4. Your Favorite Hoodie

There’s nothing like ending the night in your favorite snuggly sweatshirt after a long day of travel.

5. Cash

You never know what you may encounter out there on the road. With some cash in your pocket, you’ll be ready for it all.

The Most Unforgettable Item

Lastly, the No. 1, unforgettable thing to remember, no matter how you travel, and possibly the most important item on all of the lists — insurance from Acceptance. It’s the easiest way to protect yourself, your trip and your investment. You start with a fast, free insurance quote, and you’ll be on the road, water or trail in no time. With great rates on recreational vehicle insurance, boat insurance and ATV insurance, you can keep a little cash in your pocket for your next big adventure.

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