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Spend Less, Get More in 2021

Spend Less to Get More Peace of Mind in 2021

As you know, 2020 was a rough year for nearly everyone. But the start of a new year means new opportunities to succeed. We’re all looking for ways to shake off that 2020 feeling with a renewed energy to make the most of this year. We’re no longer taking for granted what 2020 took away, and this starts with getting everything back in order, including your financial life.

At Acceptance Insurance, we can help you select affordable insurance that will provide protection against curveballs that 2021 has planned. Here are some ways we can help you cruise through 2021 with peace of mind and savings on many different types of coverage.

Shop to find the cheapest car insurance.

Unlike some of the huge insurance agencies, we work within your specific situation to shop multiple providers to find car insurance that you can afford and gives you the coverage you need to make 2021 a success. You don’t need the one-size-fits-all approach you’d find at other places. You need a partner to help wade through the confusing aspects of car insurance.

We can help you find a plan that protects you while you’re on (and off) the road. Not only that, we can help you think about protecting your car and your passengers. What if you’re involved in an accident with someone who is uninsured? We don’t want you to be stuck with expensive repair or medical bills. Weather and theft? We can cover that too, it’s all about finding the right policy.

It’s what we do. And, if you do happen to need us, we’re local. That means you can stop by anytime or call your local agent. We’re here to keep you cruising through 2021 with as few speed bumps as possible.

 We prefer to identify as a good value. I understand the value of getting the keywords ‘cheapest car insurance’ in here, but we don’t want to be the cheapest, we want to the one getting you the right coverage you need.

Protect your pocketbook and property with renters insurance.

Let’s start here. Do you need renters insurance? Well, depending on your state of residence and landlord, sometimes it’s a legal requirement to carry renters insurance, and sometimes it’s a mandatory from the landlord. Either way, we believe finding the cheapest renters insurance with the most coverage is another great way to make sure you’re ready for whatever the year may throw at you.

There’s a common misconception that you, your guests and your property are covered under the landlord’s homeowner policy, when in reality, their policy only truly covers their property. For instance, if your apartment were to flood, repairing the building would be covered by the landlord’s policy, but you would be responsible for replacing all of your personal belongings that were damaged. But, it’s not as scary as it seems.

When you work with our team, we help you find a policy personalized to your needs, at the best price. [AR3]  Just because we help you find cheap renters insurance doesn’t mean you’re lacking in coverage. Acceptance can help keep you covered!

Not a renter? Our homeowners insurance policies are just as affordable and comprehensive. You can expect the same level of confidence in your coverage without breaking the bank.

Protect those you love with affordable life insurance.

Another way to safeguard the future is by taking care of those you love with life insurance. Should the unexpected happen, our life insurance policies can provide security for your loved ones and the benefits can be applied in different ways. Whether it’s to settle debt or help care for family members, it can be a valuable policy to have and will help protect the future of those you love.

No one likes to think about leaving their family behind, let alone leaving them with crippling debt or expenses. That’s why we always recommend our customers enroll in some level of life insurance. We partner with you to find an affordable life insurance policy that works for your budget and financial situation.

More peace of mind, more savings.

Take control of your 2021 by protecting yourself and finding lower rates with Acceptance. Not only can you gain peace of mind, you can also save some cash. Whether you choose Acceptance or not, here are two tips to ensure you’re getting the best deal on the right coverage:

1) Look for an insurance company that will help you compare carriers to find the best price and customized coverage.

2) Bundle, baby! Ask your insurance provider if they provide a discount for purchasing multiple policies (like renters and car insurance).

We’re here to help.

At Acceptance, we believe insurance should be both easy and affordable[AR1] [RH2]. That’s why our agents will work with you to create a custom plan with the products you need — and nothing you don’t. We also shop and compare multiple carriers for you, allowing us to offer the best possible rates.

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