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Trust Your Gut, Not Your Brain – How To Drive Without Distraction

‘Safe driving’ tips are easy to ignore. We don’t think we are ‘unsafe’ drivers so we hope other people read them and then carry on scrolling.

The way our brains are wired makes us think that we are better at things than we are.

It’s not our fault – every time we arrive somewhere safely, we have proof that we are good drivers. And research shows that nearly everyone over-estimates their abilities – and not just in driving. It seems obvious to us that we are good drivers, so why should we heed warnings about distracted driving?

“We Are More Afraid As Passengers.”

Have you ever been the passenger in someone else’s car when they have picked up their mobile device? And did it make you nervous? Most people think they can use their phone without it making a difference on their driving – but of that same group 90% said they would feel unsafe if the driver used their phone while they were a passenger.

So deep down nearly all of us have a sense that being distracted while driving is dangerous. That’s probably the instinct we should listen to.

There’s no such thing as ‘multi-tasking.’

Another reason we don’t think we’re bad drivers? The myth of multi-tasking. Computers can do it – and lots of workaholics brag about it -but research shows that all human beings have a hard time mixing motor skills – like driving – with thinking skills – like reading and writing. Simply put – when we drive AND do something, we do both things worse.

Drive Without Distraction.

If we all agree (see above) that distracted driving is bad – that means we all probably want to stop.

Try these:

Statistics don’t work when it comes to persuading people – but stories do. That’s why all those commercials get made. And personal stories feel even more real. So make a difference by telling your story of how you put your phone down – and share it on our Facebook page – maybe you’ll help someone else drive more safely.

And if you’ve got some mistakes on your record, well, that’s part of what Acceptance Insurance is for – helping drivers who need insurance and may have some bumps or bruises on their record. Get a quote.

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