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What To Do After A Speeding Ticket

First Things to Do After Receiving a Speeding Ticket

Getting a speeding ticket can feel like a major setback, especially when you’re driving along, music up, things are going well, and then suddenly, flashing lights appear in your rearview mirror. Luckily, what to do afterward doesn’t have to be confusing — especially when it comes to your auto insurance premiums.

Keep Calm and Composed

The first thing to keep in mind is to talk to the officer politely. Most of the time, police officers spend all day dealing with the general public. And this probably isn’t the first speeding citation they’ve given today. Being polite can go a long way in any situation.

If you’re able to get some good rapport going with the officer, you may have the ability to maneuver the conversation toward a place where you can potentially get off with nothing but a warning.

It may also be helpful to record any conversations you have with the officer if you live in a state with one-party consent laws when it comes to recordings. Make sure you verify this ahead of time, though, or else the judge may not admit that evidence in court.

Gather Your Information

Should you ultimately receive a speeding ticket, you’ll want to organize all the information you have available. It’s time to play “detective” so make sure you have these details:

• The officer’s name

• The citation number

• The specifics of the charge

• The date, time, and location where you received the citation

This information will be crucial down the line, especially if you decide to contest your driving violation in a courtroom. Depending on the circumstances, some speeding tickets may have an impact on your premium cost, so make sure you understand what is involved with high-risk car insurance.

Understand the Ticket and Charges

So, what’s the deal with your ticket? Not all speeding tickets are the same. Depending on where you received your ticket, the details can be different. Take a second to assess what the penalty means for you such as points on your license, a hit to your wallet, or showing up in court. Other questions you may want to consider include: Do you have to sign a ticket? Is it possible to fight a traffic ticket? If you don’t pay a ticket, what happens? Will this traffic violation raise your insurance rate?

If at any point you’re feeling confused, speak to a traffic violation lawyer who can help you sort through all the details.

Considering the Insurance Implications

At this juncture you’ll want to defer to your insurance. How is this little piece of paper going to affect your auto insurance rates? It’s no secret that insurance companies aren’t fans of speeding tickets. This part of the process might involve a bit of research. Depending on how you handle the situation in court, you might be able to keep this speeding ticket off your record altogether.

To Hire a Lawyer or Not

This is the million-dollar question, isn’t it? Is it worth hiring a lawyer for speeding tickets? This decision hinges on several factors, including the cost of a speeding ticket. How serious are the charges? Is this your first offense, or is there a pattern that might warrant legal representation? Sometimes, consulting with a lawyer can provide insights you hadn’t considered, even if you decide to proceed on your own. Remember, knowledge is power.

Lawyers can also advise you on navigating the court process — and whether it’s worth it or not to just pay the price of the ticket as-is and take any of the resulting license points. Lawyers may also know the local judges and district attorneys and may be able to give you a sense of whether they’ll modify your charges down to “non-moving” violations. A lawyer can also help you figure out if you must sign a ticket.

If you decide to go to court, offering to take a defensive driving course may help you get your ticket reduced, as well.

Deciding Whether to Fight the Ticket

When deciding whether to fight a ticket or not, it’s essential to weigh all the factors involved. You should consider the evidence against you, the charges you are facing, the impact it might have on your insurance, and whether legal advice can be of help. It’s important to make an informed decision. Sometimes it may be better to challenge the ticket, while in other cases, it may be more prudent to accept the consequences of your actions and move on.

Helpful tip: Do some research. There are statistics that can show you the amount your insurance may increase annually after a speeding ticket – even if you’ve had a good record before. This may help inform you of your next steps.

Learning from the Experience

No matter how things turn out, there’s always a bright side — the lessons learned. What’s the takeaway here? Maybe it’s about keeping an eye on those speed limits.

Acceptance Insurance Can Help After a Ticket

Another bright side is Acceptance Insurance. Facing the aftermath of a speeding ticket can feel overwhelming, but you don’t have to navigate it alone because we are here to help you.

The welcoming agents at Acceptance offer support and options that can help mitigate the impact on your insurance. Whether it’s finding a policy that fits your new needs or offering advice on how to keep your premiums as low as possible, exploring how we can assist you after receiving a ticket is a wise step.

Get Affordable Auto Insurance Today

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