Which Roadside Assistance Service is Best for You?

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Which Roadside Assistance Service is Best for You?

Acceptance Insurance has partnered with Nation Safe Drivers for several years to offer our customers an excellent dependable roadside assistance product.

There are two policies to choose from when it comes to which roadside assistance service is best for you: Towbusters and Towbusters Plus.

What is covered with Towbusters?

Emergency Road Service: Towbusters offers several emergency road services throughout the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. When you are in need of roadside assistance, NSD will dispatch an emergency service vehicle to your location, 24 hours a day/7 days a week. These services include:

  • Mechanical First Aid — Any service requiring a minor adjustment (exclusive of parts) to enable the vehicle to proceed under its own power.

  • Towing for up to 25 miles when your vehicle cannot be started.

  • Fluid delivery — Delivery of an emergency supply of gasoline, oil, or water and other accessories. You only pay for the cost of the supplies.

  • Tire service — Changing an inflated spare from mount to wheel for you.

  • Battery service — Attempt to boost batteries and perform minor adjustments to starters, alternators, etc., while on the road.

  • Lost key or lockout service —  If you are accidentally locked out of your covered vehicle, NSD will dispatch service to help you gain access to the passenger compartment of your car.

It is important to note that there is a 72-hour delay between purchase and use, meaning you cannot use Roadside Assistance services until a minimum of 72 hours after purchase have passed.

Towbusters Plus

Towbusters Plus affords you all of the benefits of the Towbusters policy listed above, along with the following Legal Fee Reimbursements for certain non-reckless vehicle citations:

  • $100 per paid citation with a maximum of 2 per year.

  • $200 for legal representation in court related to a covered citation with a maximum of 1 per year.

  • $250 for defensive driving course expenses related to a covered citation with a maximum of 1 per year.

No one can be sure what lies down the road, but with Roadside Assistance you can handle whatever comes your way. To sign up for Roadside Assistance or to add it to your current Acceptance auto insurance policy, call your local Acceptance Insurance agent today. Click here to find a location near you!

Sign up for Roadside Assistance

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