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“Pit-Stop” Maintenance

Pining for Indy 500 action? Take a minute to practice your pit stops with these quick checks. You can stay safe and save time and money.

Car repairs are always more expensive than regular maintenance. and there are real safety issues with low tire pressure and oil levels.

Check Your Tire Pressure  


  • Tires with too little or too much air can cause blowouts or other unsafe conditions.
  • Properly inflated tires will get you the best mileage.

How To Check Your Tire Pressure  

A sturdy kick is NOT enough. Do this before you start driving, or within the first few miles. 

  1. When you open your car door, you should see a sticker on the frame that shows you what the tire pressure should be in ‘PSI’.  It may be different for front and rear tires but will be the same for the driver’s and passenger’s side.
  2. You’ll want to check each tire individually. Unscrew the cap on the tire stem and attach a tire pressure guage. If the reading is under – get some air at a gas station or car wash as soon as you can.
  3. It your tire is visibly deflated – don’t drive on it!
  4. While you’re down there, check to see if you have any uneven wear on your tires or bulging – these can indicate serious problems.

Check Your Oil  


  • Engine oil is super-important – without it you can ruin an engine – and it can also help you diagnose problems.

How To Check Your Oil

  1. Some modern cars have sensors for this – but the rest of us need to grab a rag or paper towel, pop the hood, and look for the dipstick handle (consult your manual.)
  2. If you’ve been driving, be careful, everything under the hood could be hot!
  3. Pull the dipstick out, wipe the end clean with your rag or towel, then reinsert it all the way.
  4. Pull it out again – there will be a line labeled ‘Max’ and ‘Min’ – If you’re close to the ‘Min’ – add some oil. Read more on how to check your oil.
  5. If the level is good, check the color – if it isn’t brown or black in color and pretty thick, you might have some issues that need a professional’s eye.

Even the best maintained car can still run into trouble – driving over a nail can give anyone a flat. If you don’t have a roadside assistance service already, check out ours. Think of it like maintenance for your peace of mind.  

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