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Summer Heat Car Maintenance Checklist

With temperatures rising and vacations coming up, it’s important to make sure your car is ready for the summer weather. Your vehicle will alert you for many issues like oil changes, tire pressure, and that you need to check your engine but it’s important to prepare your vehicle for the coming heat. We’ve put together a simple list to walk you through making sure your car is in top shape for summer.

Check the air conditioner

Depending on where you live, you may need to use the air conditioner early in the year, so it’s a good place to start for your summer maintenance. Test the air while the weather is still somewhat cool so you can address any issues before the heat gets to your locale. You should be sure to replace your air filter regularly to improve the air quality and keep the system from working too hard.

Take a look under the hood

Winter can be tough on our vehicles so it’s important to take a look under the hood and make sure everything is good to go. Look for loose or cracked hoses; make sure rubber components are in good shape; tighten any caps that may be loose; and remove any debris that might be blocking things like your radiator or air filter. It’s important to keep in mind that you should be checking all of this while your engine is cool. If you’ve been driving, wait a couple of hours before starting your inspection.

Test the battery

Drastic temperature changes can take a toll on your battery. Even if you made it through the cold winter months with no problems, you should stop by your local auto store to have your battery tested before it gets too hot. 

Monitor the radiator temperature 

It’s important to make sure your radiator has plenty of coolant for the summer months, as it keeps your engine cool. The temperature gauge on your dashboard will alert you if your vehicle is running too hot so you can add coolant if needed.

Replace your windshield wipers 

Now that winter has come and gone, you likely need new wiper blades. Icy conditions can cause a lot of wear on your windshield wiper blades and leave them making noises or leaving streaks. Inspecting your wipers is simple – just lift up one arm of the wiper at a time and check to see if the bottom edge is flat and in one piece. You should also make sure your wiper fluid tank is full while you are preparing for summer.

No matter how much preparation you make, accidents can still happen. Our roadside assistance program will have you on the road worry free. You can count on roadside assistance for help with towing and winching, emergency fluids, flat tires, jump-starts, and lockout services. Call or visit your local Acceptance Insurance Agent today to learn more about roadside assistance.

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