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Find Cheap Car Insurance in Anaheim, CA

Learn More about Auto Insurance in Anaheim, California

Anaheim, California, located in Orange County, is a city known for its attractions, including Disneyland Resort and Angel Stadium. It offers diverse entertainment options for residents and visitors alike. With a pleasant year-round climate, this place is a popular destination for outdoor activities such as hiking, golfing, and enjoying nearby beaches.

If you’re a resident of Anaheim or are planning to visit there, it’s important to know having auto insurance is a legal requirement in The Golden State. Acceptance Insurance offers the best cheap car insurance in California, so keep reading to discover how to protect your vehicle and yourself in the region while saving you money on quality coverage.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Anaheim, CA?

In Anaheim,the average cost of state-required liability auto insurance is $58 per month, which is slightly higher than the national average of $52 and $5 more than the state average of $53.

For drivers looking for full auto coverage, the cost in Anaheim is around $205 per month, equaling $15 more than California’s monthly average cost of car insurance of $190 and $37 more than the national average of $168 per month.

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What Does Full vs. Minimum Mean?

Full auto coverage isn’t required everywhere by law, but it’s often necessary if you’re financing or leasing a vehicle. With full coverage, your car is protected against damage or loss. This policy combines liability, collision, and comprehensive protection. It covers damages to others in an accident (liability) and safeguards your vehicle in case of collisions, theft, vandalism, or natural disasters covered by insurance.

On the other hand, minimum liability coverage is mandated by local law to ensure you can cover injuries or damage you might cause to others on the road. It includes bodily injury liability and property damage liability (for damage to others’ property). Each state sets its own minimum liability limits for expenses like medical bills, rehabilitation, and legal fees if you’re at fault in an accident.

Having both types of coverage is important. Full coverage gives you broader protection for your assets, while minimum liability coverage focuses on helping with the financial responsibility for others in case of your actions.

Compare Car Insurance Rates by City in California

For a comparison of auto insurance premiums in Anaheim as compared to different cities in California, please review the breakdown below:

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City Full Coverage Insurance Liability Insurance Coverage
Anaheim $205 $58
Los Angeles $251 $66
Long Beach $217 $58
Riverside $187 $51
Santa Ana $194 $55

Compare Car Insurance Rates by Zip Code in Anaheim

The cost of your monthly premiums can vary depending on several factors, one of which is your location. If you live in a bustling city with heavy traffic and frequent accidents, insurance companies consider the higher risk of driving on busy streets. Therefore, if you frequently encounter risky driving situations, you can expect to pay more compared to someone who drives mostly in a peaceful suburb.

The table below displays some of the 17 zip codes in Anaheim. You’ll notice that residents pay slightly different amounts for both full auto coverage and minimum liability coverage on a monthly basis.

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Zip code Full Coverage Insurance Liability Insurance Coverage
92801 $205 $58
92805 $198 $56
92806 $195 $55
92809 $190 $50
92816 $216 $61
92825 $209 $61
92899 $199 $54

Low-Cost Car Insurance Rates by Age in Anaheim

When calculating your monthly insurance payments, your age is an important factor that insurance companies consider. Generally, insurance coverage for young drivers includes higher premiums compared to other age groups due to their lack of experience on the road. However, as you gain more experience behind the wheel and adopt safer driving practices, your rates are likely to decrease.

In the chart below, you can see the average monthly premium amounts paid by Anaheim residents based on their age group.

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Age Full Coverage Insurance Liability Insurance Coverage
Teenagers $575 $175
20s $341 $100
30s $205 $58
40s $193 $55
50s $187 $54
60s $181 $53
70s $196 $60

*To calculate average costs, we utilize the following method: a 30-year-old male, with state minimum liability and full coverage of 100/300/100.

Typical Driving Conditions in Anaheim

How Many Fatal Accidents Happen Per Year in Anaheim, CA?

According to figures from the Traffic Safety Facts Annual Reports presented by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), annual traffic accidents in the city of Anaheim do not exceed 40 fatalities.

In 2021, there were 27 fatal accidents, of which 9 were pedestrians. These statistics are lower than those recorded in 2020, when there were 31 fatalities (11 of which were pedestrians), but higher than the records of 2019, the year in which 18 traffic fatalities were counted, of which only 5 were pedestrians. In 2017, there were 34 deaths (10 pedestrians).

Are Road Infrastructure and Bridges in Anaheim well maintained?

The city of Anaheim works diligently to maintain its infrastructure and roads in good condition through the SB1 program. It is a landmark transportation investment that focuses on rebuilding California’s neighborhood streets, freeways, and bridges, including those in Anaheim. With an annual investment of $5.4 billion for the next decade, SB1 addresses the backlog of repairs and upgrades needed in California’s transportation system.

Some of the current major projects in Anaheim include the OCSD Newhope Sewer Replacement on St. College Blvd, which aims to increase the size of the Newhope-Placentia Trunk Sewer, improving the sewer system in the area. The Anaheim Convention Center Expansion, the largest convention center on the West Coast, is being expanded with approximately 200,000 square feet of flexible space and a new parking structure. There are also plans for A Better Lincoln: widening Lincoln Avenue from West Street to Harbor Boulevard and East Street to Evergreen Street to improve traffic flow and accessibility.

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in Anaheim

The state of California sets the minimum liability coverage requirements for vehicle owners in Anaheim and other cities. According to the law, a basic liability policy in California must provide:

  • A minimum of $15,000 for bodily injury or death liability insurance per person involved, with a minimum of $30,000 per accident.
  • At least $5,000 for property damage liability insurance.

What Are the Penalties for Driving Without Auto Insurance in Anaheim, California?

Under California law, if you are unable to provide proof of your car insurance or if your policy has lapsed, the state considers this to be driving without coverage, which is a class C misdemeanor offense.

Some of the penalties for driving without auto insurance are:

  • First-time offenders may face a fine ranging from $100 to $200.
  • Repeat offenders within a three-year period can be fined up to $300 to $500.
  • In some cases, your vehicle may be impounded until proof of insurance is provided.
  • Your car registration can also be suspended if you are caught driving without insurance.

To ensure compliance and avoid these penalties, it’s crucial that you have proper insurance coverage that meets or exceeds the required minimum protection. If you need help finding the right policy, it is recommended to consult with your local insurance agent in California.

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Factors Considered for Determining Car Insurance Rates in Anaheim

There are many factors that affect auto insurance rates, including your age, location, and driving habits. Additionally, insurers also consider:

  • Education level
  • Marital status
  • Gender
  • Vehicle make and model
  • Deductible amount

Insurance That Helps You Prepare for the Future

Car insurance is an essential tool for preparing for the future, offering financial protection and peace of mind. Here’s how it helps you:

  • Financial Security: Auto insurance provides coverage for repair or replacement costs, medical expenses, and property damage, ensuring you’re financially protected.
  • No Out-of-Pocket Surprises: With full insurance coverage, you don’t have to worry about significant expenses for repairs or medical bills in the event of an accident or damage to your vehicle.
  • Liability Protection: If you’re at fault in an accident, insurance can help safeguard you from legal and financial consequences by helping to pay for bodily injury and property damage for the other party.
  • Stress Reduction: Unexpected events can bring financial stress, but insurance helps alleviate that burden by helping to cover associated expenses, like accidents or vehicle damage.
  • Long-Term Stability: Coverage ensures your financial well-being in the long run, allowing you to navigate unforeseen events with confidence.

In summary, with vehicle coverage, you can relax knowing that you are ready for whatever the future may hold.

Top Ways to Save on Car Insurance in Anaheim, CA

There are various smart ways to obtain lower auto insurance premiums, especially if you meet the requirements for available types of car insurance discounts.

In Anaheim, some common discounts include:

  • Pay-in-Full Car Insurance Discount
  • Good Driver Insurance Discount
  • Multi-Vehicle Discount
  • Anti-Theft Device Discount
  • Good Student Discount
  • Low Mileage Discount
  • Loyalty Discount

Additionally, you can further reduce your costs by bundling your coverage with the same insurer. For example, by combining your auto policy with renters or homeowners insurance you can potentially save up to 25% on your bills.

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