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Save The Bikers With Safe Driving For Everyone

You may not be a motorcycle rider. You may not know any personally. But they’re on the roads, and they need your help.

Drive With Motorcyclists In Mind

Driving to protect motorcyclists keeps everyone safer. This is Motorcycle Safety Month, so let’s all think about how we can protect motorcycle riders. We’ve offered tips to riders before here: – this is for those of you in cars.

They’re Not Trying To Be Annoying

Many motorists see bikers as a nuisance – and sure, there are reckless folks on every kind of vehicle. But motorcyclists must do a lot more adjusting of their position to ride safely – they’re not just showing off.

A motorcyclist moving around in the lane may be avoiding potholes or increasing their visibility to other drivers.

A motorcyclist getting ahead of traffic is doing what’s recommended – they are taught to ride ahead of the flow of traffic. What may seem unnecessary to you may be lifesaving to them.

Motorcycles Are Different

Motorcycles are small. It’s harder to judge how fast they are moving. These facts add up to most of the accidents between cars and motorcycles.

Knowing this is key when turning – either into traffic from a shopping plaza or gas station or making a left at a light. Assume that motorcycle is closer than it appears.

They’re different in other important ways, too. They can be easily slowed without using the brakes, so give extra space and attention when following – you won’t always see the brake lights.

Motorcycles don’t have as much tire surface on the road – so even though they can ride through the rain – they need more time to stop on wet pavement.

What’s Under The Helmet

Motorcyclists are vulnerable. Driving is so automatic for many of us and we are often distracted, whether we want to admit it or not. (See our blog about distracted driving.) So, think about who is under the helmet. If you can see motorcyclists as fellow humans with people who love them and want them to come home safely – you’ll start seeing motorcycles, too.

Share this if you know someone who rides and pledge to start seeing motorcycles. Motorcyclists have different insurance needs, too. The cheapest insurance isn’t always the best – especially since motorcycle accidents have higher risk of injury. How much motorcycle insurance costs can vary – and states have different rules – so get a quote for motorcycle insurance from Acceptance Insurance and then talk to an expert.

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