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Win $5,000, Give $5,000* To The Humane Society

Win $5,000 for Yourself and $5,000* to donate to a partner charity: The Humane Society of America

At Acceptance Insurance we live where you do, shop where you do, and want live in healthy, happy communities. We  want our neighbors have an auto insurance or motorcycle insurance policy that meets their needs, but we care about the healthy and happy part too. The Humane Society knows that our relationship to animals is a big part of what makes us healthy and happy, whether spending quality time with a cherished pet or appreciating majestic wildlife.

Ending Pet Homelessness

By promoting pet adoption through the shelter pet project the Humane Society has helped more than 350,000 shelter pets find forever homes and make ‘rescues’ cool. The Humane Society also offers free spay/neuter surgeries through their affiliate networks to help control pet populations.

Protecting Marine Wildlife

From fighting ocean pollution to protecting endangered whales, the Humane Society goes beyond the beaches to work for wildlife. Through lobbying, public awareness campaigns, and information technology projects like the Protect Seals App the Humane Society has a broad reach.

Training New Leaders

The need for veterinary care in remote parts of the country is great and growing – through their Rural Area Veterinary Services Program, the Humane Society provides cost-free essential care to more than 8,000 animals a year and trains another 200 veterinary and veterinary professional students.

Whether you win $5,000 prize or not, we invite you to support the Humane Society and learn more about their incredible work.