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Win $5000, Give $5000* to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Stronger communities start with stronger relationships.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is an evidence-based community mentoring program, matching volunteers (Bigs) with children (Littles) to realize their potential and build their futures. Acceptance knows that communities need more than quotes for auto insurance to stay safe. So we are teaming up to help communities. Whether you need rental insurance or want to comparison shop with a car insurance quote, you can enter to win $5,000 and Acceptance will give $5,000 to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

Big (And Little) Impacts

Think of someone who has inspired you in your life – a teacher, coach, or mentor that helped you with a kind word or compassionate ear.  Big Brothers Big Sisters of America believes those moments are critical for helping youth reach their potential, so they have made it their mission to provide moments like those to as many Littles as possible, with 135,786 served in 2019.

Successes Great and Small

BBBS tracks their impacts with data and surveys, making sure that participants and communities see the benefits. Metrics like educational success and avoidance of risky behaviors show great outcomes that benefit society as a whole. The consistently high marks reported by Littles for their confidence, relationships, and aspirations show the ‘small’ results that make this a great organization.

Being A Big To Give And Get

“When you put in the effort, the return is special,” says Gerry Chambers . “Being a Big is unlike anything you get from other volunteering opportunities.” The difference between giving time and giving money can be profound. For those that can make the time, they often report that they see growth in their Little and in themselves. For those that cannot, donations to BBBS go to support the professionals that train and match Bigs to make sure everyone has an experience that changes lives.  Whether you win $5,000 prize or not, we invite you to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and learn more about the incredible work they do here.