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Win $5000, Give $5000* to Feeding America

Together Against Uncertainty

When hard-working people face uncertainty, Acceptance Insurance wants to be there. Feeding America is there when food security is uncertain for millions – and that’s why we’re teaming up.

Fighting Waste and Feeding Families

Feeding America estimates that 42 million people may experience food insecurity this year. Yet billions of pounds of food go to waste every year. Feeding America works with farms, food processors, stores and restaurants to rescue food that would otherwise go to waste. From finding a home for perfectly good ‘ugly’ produce to working with supply-chain technology, Feeding America is more than a food bank.

Solving Hunger For Good

Feeding America knows that understanding the root causes of hunger I key to ending it.  They invest in the most comprehensive, statistically valid demographic research in the nation. This data in turn informs the political action and communication campaigns necessary to change attitudes and eventually policy to end solve chronic hunger in the United States. Whether you win $5,000 prize or not, we invite you to support Feeding America and learn more about the incredible work they do here.