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(MedPay) Car Insurance

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What is Medical Payments Insurance?

Medical payments (MedPay) insurance pays for medical and other costs associated with a covered car accident. This car insurance coverage is available regardless of who is at fault and, for that reason, will begin to payout immediately rather than having an injured person waiting for courts and insurance companies to decide who caused the accident and therefore who should pay.

MedPay is similar to Personal Injury Protection (PIP) in that it kicks in to cover medical expenses right after an accident, regardless of fault. But there are some differences. For example, in states that require additional medical coverage past bodily injury liability, there are only two that require MedPay over PIP: Maine and New Hampshire.

How Much Does MedPay Cost?

After an accident, medical bills and other expenses can add up quickly, but there is an affordable option available. Emergency assistance coverage kicks in immediately to help cover these costs. On average, this coverage costs between $5 and $8 per month, depending on factors such as driving history and the amount of coverage purchased. Coverage amounts generally range from $1,000 to $10,000, with higher coverage options resulting in higher costs.

If you are in a state that requires MedPay or you simply want to increase your coverage, reach out to a friendly, local Acceptance agent for guidance and cheap car insurance solutions.

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How Does MedPay Work?

These car insurance medical benefits pay out differently from carrier to carrier, so check with your agent to make sure you understand how your policy works. Some insurers pay the policyholder directly, while others pay your health insurance plan and they administer the payments to the providers. Make sure you are taking advantage of working with an insurance agent to get the best benefits you can.

What Does it Pay For?

MedPay pays for a large variety of items associated with car wrecks, including medical bills, funerals and more. It will also kick in to help pay for costs if you are walking or biking and get hit by a car. If you have health insurance, MedPay can be used to pay for your deductibles. In that way, it is considered a supplement to your health plan. Some of the other items you can charge to MedPay include:

  • Doctor visits
  • All treatments, surgeries and procedures associated with the event
  • Long-term hospitalization and nursing services
  • Ambulance and emergency room costs

These benefits extend to the people in your vehicle if they need them.

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Is MedPay Required?

Only in Maine and New Hampshire is it required by name. New Hampshire does not require car insurance, but if you buy the minimum amount available, you must purchase MedPay, as well. Pennsylvania requires medical coverage but you can choose between MedPay or PIP.

If your state does not require one or the other, you can generally pick either as a supplemental type of car insurance for medical costs.

What is the Difference Between MedPay and PIP?

They are both designed to help pay for medical and associated costs immediately after a car wreck. Sorting out who is responsible for an accident can sometimes take months or more, and bodily injury liability will not kick in until fault is determined. Some of the items they pay for overlap, but some are covered by one and not the other. Here is a table to show the differences.

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Coverage MedPay PIP
Doctor Visits Yes Yes
Medical Treatment Yes Yes
Funeral Expenses Yes Yes
Deductibles/Co-Pays Yes No
Extended Nursing/Rehab Yes Yes
Ambulance/ER Yes Yes
Lost Wages No Yes

What is the Difference Between MedPay and Bodily Injury Liability?

MedPay is for you and your passengers, regardless of who is at fault. It kicks in immediately to help with medical and other costs after a car wreck. Bodily injury liability (BIL) pays others for medical costs in a wreck you cause.

I Have Health Insurance. Do I Still Need MedPay?

It’s designed to work as a supplement to your health insurance and you can use it to pay your health plan deductible, among other items. If you have a very robust health plan, you may not need it, but it’s best to check with your insurer.

Can I Get Both Medical Payments Coverage and PIP?

Depending on where you live, you may be required to get one or the other. However, if you are not required, you can choose the one you like best or stack them for extra protection. Check with your neighborhood insurance professional to get the best advice.

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