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Frequently Asked Questions

Mexican Car Insurance FAQ

What Is Mexican Car Insurance?

Mexican auto insurance is an insurance policy that covers you to drive into Mexico. It is required for anyone who plans to drive a car in Mexico and particularly if your U.S policy does not include coverage for outside of the U.S. You required to have Mexican car insurance to drive legally in Mexico.

Do I Need Mexican Car Insurance?

If you are driving across the border into Mexico, you are legally required to have Mexican car insurance. Driving in Mexico without it may subject you to fines from $200-$1,000, being arrested and having your vehicle impounded.

What Does Mexican Car Insurance Cover?

Basic Mexican car insurance consists of liability (bodily injury and property damage). You may increase your policy to include add-ons, such as medical payments, roadside assistance, legal assistance, physical damage, total theft, partial theft, vandalism, gap coverage, and more.

How Much Does Mexican Car Insurance Cost?

The cost of Mexican Car Insurance ranges from $2 to $40 per day, depending on factors such as vehicle type, length of stay, and chosen coverage. You can purchase coverage for a day, a month, or a year. For multiple trips to Mexico in a year, an annual policy is more economical.

Can I Purchase Mexican Car Insurance Online?

Yes, and it is a good idea to purchase your insurance online since it can save you time when crossing the border into Mexico.

Where Can I Secure Mexican Car Insurance?

At Acceptance Insurance, our friendly agents will help you get affordable Mexican Car Insurance. You may get a , come by one of our offices, or call us at 877-405-7102 to get started today.

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