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Frequently Asked Questions

RV and Motorhome Insurance FAQ

Is RV and Motorhome Insurance Different than Auto Coverage?

RV and motorhome insurance is different from auto coverage in the sense that most insurance companies will require more basic liability for an RV than for a regular passenger vehicle. This is because RVs are bigger and weigh more, therefore they can cause more damage in a wreck. It is the same in the sense that you cannot operate your RV or motorhome on public roads legally without the required insurance.

Do I Need Different Insurance if I Live in My RV Fulltime?

If you live in your RV full-time, you need to let your insurer know. Your premium may increase if you spend more time on the road, since it leaves you open to more liability.

Do I Need Insurance if I Rent an RV?

In most cases yes, you do need insurance if you rent an RV. This requirement helps protect both you and others in case of accidents or damages. While some rental companies can offer a type of insurance, to have the safest and most comprehensive coverage such as insurance that covers liability and physical damage, it is an excellent idea to find coverage that includes all those options.

Can I Get Insurance if I Built My Motorhome?

If your mode of transportation was professionally converted, most insurers will provide insurance, however if you built your own RV, you may find it tricky to get insurance you can afford. Many carriers have been declining coverage in these instances. Even with thorough documentation of the building process, it’s hard for an insurer to know the durability and quality of the DIY work.

Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover What’s Inside My Motorhome or RV?

In some cases, your homeowners insurance may cover personal items inside your RV that are damaged in a covered event or stolen. However, if you live in your RV full-time and don’t have home insurance, you will need to insure your personal property through your RV insurance. Always check with your agent to make sure you understand what is and is not covered.

I Only Use My Motorhome Seasonally. Do I Have to Pay for Insurance All Year?

Yes and no. The good news is that many insurance companies offer flexible options based on your specific usage. This allows you to pay for insurance only during the periods you use your RV. On the other hand, if your RV is in storage when not in use, you’ll want to make sure it is protected in case of fire or theft.

Should I Take an RV Driving Course?

Taking an RV driving course certainly won’t hurt – and it might help lower your insurance bill.

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