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Frequently Asked Questions

Pet Insurance FAQ

What Is Pet Insurance?

Pet Insurance is a health care insurance policy for your pet. Generally, it will reimburse for specific health expenses that are covered by the policy. Pet insurance is a protection that offers peace of mind for pet owners. It’s like a safety net, helping to relieve the financial concerns that come with owning a furry friend. Whether it’s unexpected medical treatments or routine preventive services, pet insurance has got you covered!

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Pet plans include Complete Coverage (accident and illness) or Accident Only plans. Plus, you can add a preventive care plan for just a little extra per month.

  • Preventive care covers annual treatments like wellness exams, vaccines, and dental cleanings.
  • Under the Complete Coverage plan, pets are covered for accidents, common illnesses, serious illnesses, chronic illnesses, hereditary conditions, testing & diagnostics, procedures, and holistic & alternative care.
  • Accident-Only plans cover expenses related to accidents and injuries

What Is Excluded from Pet Insurance?

Here are some factors to keep in mind that may not be covered by your pet insurance plan:

  • Pre-existing conditions: Any health issues or conditions that your pet had before getting the insurance.
  • Preventive services: If you haven’t chosen a preventive endorsement, some preventive care services may not be covered.
  • Dietary care: Expenses related to specialized diets or nutritional supplements.
  • Grooming: Routine grooming services like baths or haircuts.
  • Elective and/or cosmetic procedures: Procedures that are not medically necessary, such as cosmetic surgeries.
  • Breeding costs: Expenses related to breeding, including reproductive treatments.
  • Experimental and/or holistic treatments: Treatments that are not proven or accepted by traditional veterinary practices.
  • Please note that specific coverage can vary depending on the insurance plan. It’s always a good idea to carefully review your policy to fully understand what is included and excluded.

How Does Pet Coverage Work?

Pet insurance works similarly to health insurance for humans but is designed to cover medical expenses for pets. Pet owners can purchase a pet insurance policy – which can range from different levels of coverage like basic plans that cover accidents only to comprehensive plans that cover accidents, illnesses, and routine care – from a pet insurance provider. Policies typically have monthly premiums that vary based on factors such as the pet’s age, breed, and location, and the level of coverage chosen. After paying the vet directly for service, you submit a claim and then are reimbursed for a certain portion of the bill while you must pay the rest.

Where Can I Get Pet Insurance?

Acceptance Insurance is your best choice for protecting your furry friend’s well-being. Our comprehensive and affordable plans offer customizable options, giving you peace of mind. Start by obtaining a free pet insurance quote online today. Alternatively, feel free to visit our offices or give us a call at 877-405-7102.

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